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 Newcomers guide(updated daily)

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Please read the rules
Please read the rules

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PostSubject: Newcomers guide(updated daily)   Wed Feb 27, 2008 8:28 pm

This guide was copied and pasted off of penguin region but it originally made by me so it isn't stealing.

Well first I started this off cause I wanted newcomers to feel welcome and fit in with others so I will be explaining the functions of the forums and a few things to start you off on your journey.This is a must read and has some very important stuff.

Table of Contents
1.Getting Started
2.Signature/Avatar guide
3.Signature uploading links
4.Common rules
5.Comming soon!

1.Getting Started

Well first you would start off with making your username and password and all that stuff.Then you would need to make your self useful to mods and admins as they need some indentification if you have any problems or if you get into serious trouble such as like a perma ban.First start of with clicking the my controls link.Then while you are in there go to your information which is where you have to fill out your age.Fill out the other stuff like special hobbies and all that if you have some.Now onto signature and avvy guide.

2.Signature/Avatar guide

Well first lets start off with the easy part which is the avatar.First you would get a picture that isnt abusive in a way like something that breaks a rule.Then you would make sure it is less or equal to the minimum requirment size.Then you either give the link in the link uploader for it or just save it to your computer and locate it and click it and upload it.

Here comes more of the hard stuff.This is the part for a signature.Well first I would recommend buying it from a forum store.Then you would take it and either save it or if it is a img link then copy it.Then you would take the img link and paste it into your signature area and click done.If you saved it then go to a resource site below and upload it on there and copy the img from there and put it in the area.
Now you know how to put a sig or avvy in the slot.

3.Signature uploading links


4.Common rules!

Well here are the most common rules we always advise the most.

1.swearing/cussing/sexual talk
3.impersonating a admin/mod
4.threatning a person

Well this is all I got so far so please give me some advice and have a great time here!
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PostSubject: Re: Newcomers guide(updated daily)   Wed Feb 27, 2008 8:40 pm

Great guide! *stickys*
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master chief
master chief

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PostSubject: Re: Newcomers guide(updated daily)   Wed Feb 27, 2008 10:18 pm

Lol its awesome!

keep up the good work!




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PostSubject: Re: Newcomers guide(updated daily)   

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Newcomers guide(updated daily)
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